Everyone wants to be the talk of the town – to be the centre of attention, even if it’s just for a moment. But then you don’t want to shout about it and be known as an attention seeker. So you decide to do something beyond the norm and get the people to talk about you. But how far would you go to achieve such a feat?

Ever since our encounter with Isetan The Japan Store, we see a trend rising through the seams. And it’s pretty… outstanding, actually.

Isetan The Japan Store has been creating a buzz ever since it first opened in Kuala Lumpur. Imagine your friend asking you “Would you eat a 580 ringgit melon?” or “Would you sit on a sofa worth 42,400 ringgit?” We can only imagine the guilt a person would have after spilling some coke on said sofa.


And they are not alone in this buzz worthy bonanza.

Apple Coffee Book


Apple has been known to be innovators in technology. And now they’ve just released the latest, outstanding invention in the industry of technology: a coffee book worth 300 dollars. But it’s not just any coffee book. It’s a book of all the uniquely designed products they’ve sold throughout the years.

As you scroll… I mean, flip, through the book, you’ll probably feel a certain air of familiarity as you’ll remember using these products during your youthful years. Or maybe it was something you saw in your storeroom yesterday. Or maybe all you need to do is sit in your office and turn around… (We are guilty for that). But hey, Apple finally decided to exact revenge on IKEA’s Book Book with an actual book. Hooray for them.

Cards Against Humanity’s Bulls**t


Back in 2014, this “party game for horrible people” introduced a very special deal on Black Friday. For only 6 dollars, you could own your very own, limited edition box of bulls**t.

People were uncertain to what Cards Against Humanity meant when they said bulls**t. And curiosity certainly got the best of them. 30,000 people spent their money to find out what was inside, maybe in hopes of stumbling upon a pot of gold.

But once they got home and opened the box, they find themselves staring at a piece of poop. So when they wrote “Bulls**t” on the packaging, they literally meant it.


Supreme Brick


Supreme is basically the king of being outstanding. Famous for selling clothes, yet they’ve sold some cool accessories for people to own. And if you think selling a brick for 30 dollars was the coolest thing they did, think again.

They’ve been selling outstanding accessories for a few years now. From crowbars to hammers and fire extinguishers; everything that has “some sort of illicit/underworld connotation having to do with violence or drugs,” so says the author of Supremacist, David Shapiro, they probably have it in their catalogue.


Outstanding, outrageous, or maybe just downright outlandish. Call it what you want. But we think it’s outstanding… really.

These products they’ve released have all created a buzz that caught people’s attention. Whether they get people riled up or mesmerized, the product still managed to be the talk of the town. And the best part of it all, the advertising was done for you.

P.S. we just got news that MUJI is joining the fold, as they plan to sell huts for 3 to 5 million yen come 2017. Maybe if they named one of those huts “Jabba”, they could probably sell it for double the amount. Just saying.

How would you make your brand buzzworthy?
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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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