Ramly Burger

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Just the other day, I was stuck a good three hours ahead of a football game at the national stadium. And like any starving Malaysian would, I got myself a Ramly burger from the many stalls set up.

I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into a juicy and succulent patty, wedged in between two lightly buttered and toasted buns, with a good crunch of shredded lettuce and onions, topped with a generous dose of chilli and mayo.

And so, I hastily unwrapped it from its trademark wrapper, and took a good bite out of it.

Only to discover that it wasn’t genuine Ramly.

It was the most preposterous tasting patty, sandwiched in the driest bread I’ve ever tasted, and with a miserable dollop of chilli. It was nothing like the Ramly burger I knew, and was certainly one of the biggest letdowns in my culinary life.

And that was when I realised just how powerful the Ramly brand was.

I had not even sneaked a peek at the burger – I naturally assumed that it would taste good from the logo-embellished wrapper alone. I had formed immediate trust and faith in the logo itself, and expected it to be just as exceptional as my other experiences with Ramly products.

Which goes to show you just how strong the brand is.

Especially for one that has never banked on big budget TVCs and the like.
It has never claimed to have more meat than others.
It didn’t have Paris Hilton holding it, telling you“that’s hot”.
And it surely didn’t ask you to sacrifice your friends in exchange for one.

The secret behind their success?

Which we all know stems from the art of storytelling.

And what makes good stories? The truth.

The truth here is that Ramly burgers taste good, consistently. They’ve set themselves a standard that many of their patrons would expect upon taking a bite out of their burgers. They may vary slightly from one vendor to another, but they always taste pretty awesome and carry with them a distinctive flavour that’s unlike any other burgers out there.

Ramly is also driven by the collective consumer experience with the brand; from hunting down a Ramly burger stall that’s parked in front of the nearest 7-11, to ordering it just the way you like it, to watching it being prepared, to wolfing it down and picking up the greasy and sloppy leftovers off the wrapper.

And if people love it enough, they’ll sing praises about the brand. In time, it becomes a story worth telling and of course, a brand experience worth recommending.

Has your brand got an experience worth savouring?

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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