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I’m sitting in the office on a Saturday. It’s 5pm and I’m procrastinating. I have got to complete my week’s tasks before I rush off to catch a flight to Phuket, or else return to the office at the risk of being set aflame by angry colleagues.

Anyway. I recently went to a talk where the speaker reminded us that we brand ourselves through our clothes, styles, mannerisms, words, etc. We have created a “packaging” that we wear which influences people’s perceptions, develops our reputations and gives us each a unique personality. Sometimes this personality is carried out into businesses and products, where the two become intertwined.

It reminded me of how powerful people can be when they know exactly who they are, where they want to go, and what they stand for.

I know you were thinking of him, too.

This is a man who personifies his brands. He takes unusual steps, is never one to play small or blend into the crowd. Do you recall his cameo appearance in Casino Royale? Nice way to strengthen your association with airlines, Mr. Branson.

There is just something so fascinating about him. He is flamboyant, yet humble, he is a shrewed, cunning and manipulative businessman, but at the same time radiates school boy charm, is frank and seen as credible. A public relations genius who knows how to tap into people’s minds and hearts.

Richard Branson and his empire, Virgin Group, are inextricably linked. His business success largely stems from his personality, charisma, and vision. Although he is known more for his publicity stunts, he manages to lead his companies to success with a singular, flamboyant style. Everything he does must be innovative, challenging and have a sense of fun. This is a man who has shaped himself into one of the world’s most prominent brands, and had a whole lot of fun doing it.

“Your name, your brand is your promise.” – Richard Branson

“Mr. Branson stands for more than balloon trips and powerboat races across the Atlantic. Behind the brash and insouciant huckster, there lies a sharp business visionary who has created a formula for success that is rife with lessons for chief executives in any country and any business. The Branson magic is not about smoke and mirrors, but rather is a kind of chicken soup for the moribund, tradition-bound corporate soul. Mr. Branson’s success reflects an uncanny ability to take the consumer’s point of view as his own and find ways to embrace that view for profit.”
– Glenn Rifkin

P.S. Hope you all have a fantastic week ahead!

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