Kim Kardashian’s derriere has the ability to break a lot of things – but never did we think it could break the Internet. Yet it did.

Cyberspace was frantic with the release of her photo spread for Paper Magazine’s Winter 2014 issue. And although it isn’t something we haven’t seen before, something about the image captured the imaginations of all netizens.

It also happened to be the perfect opportunity for brands to take advantage of the provocative image and spin it for their own agenda.

Nissan took up the booty call by showcasing their Skyline’s boot with the headline reading “Ours Is Bigger”.  JC Le Roux, a famous sparkling wine producer, took it even further and made the booty pop.

We at The Bullet didn’t want to be left behind (heh), so we decided to see what Malaysian brands could’ve benefited from this exercise.

With risk of angering the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, below are 3 Malaysian brands we believe could’ve taken advantage of this epidemic:

1. DiGi

Move over yellowman, there’s a bigger, curvier mascot that’s about to take your spot. Nothing demonstrates total coverage better than the greatness of Kim Kardashian’s hard work. Make this switch, DiGi, and you can be sure that we will follow you.

2. Courts

Are you looking for new furniture? A nightstand maybe? Look no further as we have the perfect match for you. Equipped with a bottle holder and genuine Armenian leather, you can now sip your sparkling wine with absolute class.  Don’t believe us? We’ve got the record to back it up.

3. Ayamas

Indulge in the saucy and savoury selection of our premium parts. From the thickest thighs to the juiciest breasts, our products are sealed to a golden crisp for you to enjoy – so revel in the delectable flavours of Ayamas today!

It is apparent that our imaginations have been captured – and if you gave it a try, you could probably come up with few more ads of your own. What we can truly learn from this commotion, aside from being reminded to always do our squats and lunges, is to stay up-to-date.

With the swiftness of the Internet and social media, the world is moving faster than ever before and it is our duty as communication experts to keep up with the conversation.

How is your brand keeping up with the Kardashians?

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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

Don’t want to miss out on the weekly shots of branding? Subscribe to our e-newsletter.