On probation

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On probation

In Vietnam, the maximum probation period for an employee is 60 days.
In Singapore, it’s 90 days and in Thailand, 120 days.

But in Malaysia, there’s no limitation to an employee’s probation period.

In fact, some employers keep their staff on probation indefinitely, making them easier to terminate while also restricting their access to perks and privileges that a confirmed employee might have.

But it isn’t just employers who do this; many brands are also guilty of treating their customers like they’re still on probation.

When they don’t follow up on enquiries.
When they don’t listen to feedback.
When they don’t respond to complaints or criticism.
When they provide sub-standard after-sales service, or none at all.
When they make troubleshooting more complicated than the trouble.
When they bury refund policies, rewards and giveaways under tonnes of terms and conditions complete with complicated legal jargon.
When they stop caring once they make a sale, or only care when there’s one to be made.

Well guess what? Just as employees have started to wise up and seek better prospects in companies that treasure them enough to be fair to them, today’s consumers know exactly what to do when they feel a brand is disrespecting them; put them on probation.

Want long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with your customers?
“Confirm” them by committing yourself to fulfilling their expectations, and they’ll do the same
for you.

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