Brands do what they said they would

Don’t tell me you’ll help me run better; just make me a better runner.
Don’t say you’ll improve the way I drive; just improve my driving.
Don’t claim you’ll rid me of my scars; just get rid of my scars.
Don’t promise I’ll be healthier and more energetic; just bring me better health and energy.
Don’t go on and on about how your technology will change my life; just go ahead and change my life.

If what you had could really do what you say it could do, then all you really need to do is let it do it.
Talking about it doesn’t make it any more or less true; it just gets in the way of it speaking for itself.
Trust us; we’re smart enough to not just take your word for it.
It’s the doing that really matters, and if you’re everything you say you are, then you’re probably used to doing what really matters.

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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