They say; “opinions are like assholes, everyone has one”.
Now there is a brand new channel they can use to make public their satisfaction or displeasure at local businesses when they engage them during their daily lives.

The mission of this portal- helping consumers make smarter decisions, should drive traffic by the gigabytes to this site.
They call it; “It’s word-of-mouth amplified”. And we know what the most effective form of advertising is- WOM

Just like cream, customer service will rise to higher levels sooner or later. With sites like these, it’s good to know that we all have to ‘up our service’ pretty quick.

Do you have a policy on customer engagement or a brand touchpoint strategy in place?

In this profit-focused, tech-driven world, customer service seems nothing more than an afterthought for many businesses-large and small. Consumers, fed up with having their complaints dismissed or, even worse, ignored entirely, are demanding a platform where they can take action and make an impact. Such an outlet is the idea behind Views: a platform created to serve the consumer. You become the local expert and the consumer voice of revenge or promotion making the world more polite and satisfying through the power you wield. is the Malaysia’s first review portal. Go View

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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