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It is very rare for brands to stand up for a belief system – and for good reason. As an entity whose sole purpose is to maximise profit, alienating your potential market over a set of ideas can prove detrimental.

Take Starbucks for instance, a staunch supporter of gay marriage. Since taking their stand in 2011 against the Defense of Marriage Act, they reported a dip in stocks and dividends for the 2012 fiscal year mainly attributed to their stance on the issue. But they’ve put their foot down and profits have since gone back on track.

Drawing the lines between right and wrong is always a difficult task to undertake but should brands rise to the challenge?

The power of the individual is always lauded and encouraged. Maybe we should have the same sentiments towards brands – a far more powerful personality with even more resources.

Should we, as brands, stand by and remain dormant while the ills of the world take effect or should we assert our beliefs and be the change we want to see in the world?

We, here at The Bullet, say stop pondering and simply start doing.

Be the voice for the unspoken. Allow morality to take the reigns and the rest will fall into place.

We must modify the traditional customer/seller relationship and be so much more.  Embody the collected consciousness of our consumers and be their megaphone of goodwill into this commercial world of apathy.

There’s only so much time for us as entities to effect change. We should get started now.

What does your brand stand for?

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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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