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At ganforhire brandsolutions, branding is an on-going endeavour that requires constant monitoring, evaluation and realignment to keep your brand relevant and powerful at all times. Our modular, four-step branding process was created to simplify this seemingly demanding activity.

Brand ResearchBrand Research
is the process of finding out things about yourself that you would not be able to find out by yourself.

In its most basic form, it involves asking some hard questions about your organisation and your brand in order to reveal truths that are essential for survival and proliferation. Through processes of self-reflection, observation and feedback, you will be able to uncover a wealth of knowledge that was previously hidden, whether by their obviousness or because of a reluctance to objectively acknowledge them.

The key to this process is to understand that everything brand needs to thrive can be found within itself. All it takes is the honesty, clarity and courage to see things as they are so that the people you interact with, internally or externally, can experience the truth about your brand in its most real, authentic and powerful form.

Brand StrategyBrand Strategy
is the process of empowering your brand to win with truths that are uncovered from within your organisation.

After all, knowledge is nothing without proper application; in the Brand Strategy process, you will be guided towards putting building blocks and parameters in place to make sense of your brand. These include identifying your brand vision, core values, behaviours, niche and conversation, allowing you to establish a solid foundation for your brand and determine the direction in which it is heading.

Brand DesignBrand Design
is the process of conceptualising and then materialising the entire experience your brand will deliver.

This includes all elements of the brand, from the visual and verbal to the emotional, physical and experiential. These are usually created and compiled in a visual, brand or corporate identity manual, which is then used as a guide to ensure consistent delivery of the brand experience across all touchpoints.

Brand CommunicationsBrand Communications
is the process in which your brand is presented, truthfully, authentically and powerfully, to the world.

This is the external portion of the branding process, which includes all advertising, promotions and public relations activities, based on pre-set objectives defined by an advertising or communications strategy.


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