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E-Sports has been around ever since the South Koreans went gaga over Starcraft 2, where they even dedicated a cable television channel just for the game. And slowly it gained traction in Europe, and later capitalized by the Americans. From there, the whole world began to wonder as to what these kids are doing, watching other people play games, instead of even playing the game themselves. But times has changed, and video games are becoming more and more competitive. And if there’s one game that deserves blame credit for this global sensation, it’s Dota 2.

Malaysia has announced earlier this year, that they recognise eSports as an official sport. And a couple of months later they announced their very own Dota 2 team, Team Malaysia, which consist of players who achieved an impressive 3rd place at the International Dota Tournament in 2013. But that was short-lived as Fnatic, an internationally well-known gaming team, had acquired the members of Team Malaysia in June.

On a positive note, however, Malaysia is organising their largest gaming festival on the 12th of December, Malaysian Cyber Games (MCG), which is fully sponsored by the Ministry of Communication and Media! The games that will be featured are Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA 16, and Street Fighter Alpha IV. The prize pool for all of the games is RM300k, with RM200k of which is dedicated to Dota 2. The purpose of MCG is to discover young talents from across Malaysia to represent the country on a full-time basis in future international tournaments. The best part, the government will be funding them, just like they do with badminton players, football players, and every other sport players.

With the big hoo-ha on e-Sports across Malaysia, and Astro now dedicating channel 808 to airing nothing but e-Sports, we look in to see which brands would suit to capitalise on this phenomenon.

1.    Brand’s Essence of Chicken

Concentration of the mind is necessary when it comes to playing video games. Strategizing, planning, and quick reaction time is required of each individual. Thus, BRAND’s Essence of Chicken plays a huge role in enhancing mental prowess, boosts energy instantly, and improves mental concentration.

2.    Oldtown White Coffee 3 in 1

Need to keep yourself awake? Keep it local with some 3 in 1 Oldtown White Coffee. Who needs Nescafe and Red Bull when you have some good old White Coffee… Yeah…

3.    Bad Lab

While you’re playing your game, and the heat of your computer is stronger than your air conditioner, you’ll need to clean that oil from your face. That, and the fact that a good shower is duly relaxing. And the soothing sensation of Bad Lab can just give you the rejuvenation your skin needs from all those hours spent in from of the computer screen.

4.    Gardenia

Asides from being so good you can’t eat it on your own, Gardenia offers the nutrition you need, may it be day or night. It could even act as a snack while you’re waiting to spawn again.

5.    Ogawa

What better way to relax than to have a chair massage your body after your gaming experience. Especially with your fingers constantly moving across the keyboard, and not to mention the amount of mouse clicking you need to do. Let Ogawa take care of your wellness as a reward from the hours you spend. Or, if you can, however impossible it may sound, play while sitting on the Ogawa massage chair, well… GGWP

E-Sports has come a long way from their popular emergence in South Korea. And multiple brands have hopped on the bandwagon. Although most of them are gadgets and electronic brands, you’ll be surprised with the kinds of brands that actually latch on to the e-Sport phenomenon. Check out Team YP (YP is an acronym to the actual brand). They are currently sponsoring 25 e-Sports players in different games. And their brand is relatively irrelevant within the e-Sport industry. Key word is relatively.

How can your brand latch on to the e-Sport phenomenon?
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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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