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“There’s no breakfast, lunch, dinner nor supper in Malaysia. Malaysians only have ‘Makan’ time and it starts the moment Malaysians open their eyes and ends when they fall asleep.” That’s what an Australian acquaintance of mine jokingly said about Malaysians’ love for food.

The BIG Group has found a way to captivate and sustain Malaysians’ hearts by serving more than just food, which explains their success in becoming our go-to restaurant when we crave for a simple meal with the family.

Founded in early 2011, the BIG Group is now a well-recognised food chain conglomerate that has several brands under them; ben’s, Plan B, Tate, Langford, and Ben’s General Food Store, just to name a few. From restaurants, cafes, bars, retail food stores to a concept supermarket, The BIG Group has won our hearts almost instantaneously from the get-go!

So the question that begs for an answer is, “what is their recipe for success?”

Founder and Group Chief Eating Officer of The BIG Group, Benjamin Yong has tagline — Building relationships through food. Built upon that phrase alone, he has continuously constructed a gourmet food empire that serves two constants on a plate: quality food alongside a fresh and exciting eating experience. It’s no doubt these values have proven to be success in building brand loyalty with their customers.

Every BIG outlet has a different target audience, yet BIG is still able to weave their signature tone and vision into every element of the restaurants. From the cheeky wordplay on their names (please tell me Hit & Mrs and Benquet tickled your funny bones too) to the “unpolished”, hand-drawn look of their menus, they’re really saying, “as serious as we are about our food, we are also a fun and friendly place to hang out.”

Long story short, they set up an identity palpable to their values and target market, with their USP in mind.

The BIG Group restaurants complete themselves with intriguing decors: with a unique tone and manner that every outlet carries, they succeeded in creating a dining experience that is not only unique but keeps us wondering what’s going on at their other restaurants. In response, we look forward to explore their other outlets, showing a true understanding of their target as they are constantly keeping them in suspense, always anticipating and even craving the next surprise BIG is going to throw at them.

The synergy of quality food and artsy ambience aside, perhaps The BIG Group’s brilliant move was to position themselves as a connoisseur of wholesome food and beverages. Each of their staff is well-trained and understands what they serve, bringing customer-centricity to another level. Now that’s a way to build a relationship with your customers.

The BIG Group is a good example of branding done right. They present to us a BIG experience that makes us come back for more, simply because they fulfill our expectations. BIG is living up to what they are branding themselves as, and at this pace it’s hard to imagine if anything can ever stop them from turning into a household name. That is, if it isn’t one already.

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