Or well, someone LIKE him.

We’re talking about suave, confident individuals (men and women, we’re not sexist!) who are able to think on their feet and create extraordinary results with their powers of persuasion.

Individuals who are attuned to what people want, and the best way to build a relationship with them.

As a Brand Manager or Brand Executive at ganforhire, you’ll be involved in strategising, planning, implementing and managing a portfolio of blue-chip clients, in an environment that allows you to speak your mind and develop cutting-edge branding work.

Interested? Call us at 03-2283 2688, send a Tweet to @petergan or email agnesgan@newpulse.com.my/g4h/

Alcoholics and womanisers need not apply. Unless you’re Don Draper.


How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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