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Are You Here for Good?

Standard Chartered Bank has been doing its rounds positioning itself as the bank that’s here for good, a catchy double-entendre sum-up line that’s at once powerful and relevant.


In an industry regulated by strict guidelines and laws, it’s not easy to stand up and be counted. Most financial institutions offer same or similar products, services and rates, supported by short-term promotions and giveawaysto attract new customers or stir up inactive ones.

And yet, here’s a bank that says it’s here for good.

It doesn’t say that it’s here with better rates, or more cut-through products, or the best service on the planet.
It doesn’t say that it will make you rich, or make sure you never have to pay any hidden costs on whatever transactions you perform.
It doesn’t say that it guarantees you more returns on your investment, or has access to better-performing stocks than any other similar company.

You get to take out whatever you want to take out from Standard Chartered Bank’s position. Because, really, it’s about you, the consumer, and what you want to get out of it.

You can believe it, or not believe it. You can question it, if you want to see if it’s for real, or if this is just another catchy slogan.

You can try to gather evidence for or against, because it’s your right to do so.

The point is, if you care enough about where you put your money, you’d do everything in your power to ensure that the bank is truly here for good.

And guess what? This applies to any brand, even your own.

What are you saying, and is it true?
Do your processes, actions and interactions correspond with what you are saying?
Are you living up to your promises, values and philosophies, or are they just words on your website and brochures?

Time will tell if Standard Chartered lives up to its grand vision.

And believe us, people ARE watching, discussing, talking about and experiencing the brand every day.

So the question is; what is YOUR brand here for?

Make it good, but most of all, keep it real.


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