Mikan Newspaper Oranges

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In Japan, oranges are everywhere, so when a local newspaper in Shizuoka wanted to run their own ad, they collaborated with a renowned local producer of the fruit in order to really take their concept of being “everywhere” and push it beyond boundaries. The result? An entire front page newspaper recreated from every single part of the ubiquitous oranges, from the skin to the pulp and the juice, without a single digitally touched-up pixel or electronically manipulated element – just a lot of spectacular creativity.

The lesson here is to not be bound by the limits of the medium or channel; this could have turned out like any other print campaign that, while creative and possibly visually attractive, would have been created within the confines of the medium. But the creators saw fit to build a truly unexpected partnership, with a company that’s an expert, not in advertising, branding or media communications, but an industry that was a perfect fit in driving the idea.

For those bemoaning the death of a particular media channel or trumpeting the rise of another, this is just one clear example that the power of a great idea transcends even the most technologically advanced medium. Focusing on the big story, the message and the experience rather than the channel through which it will be delivered is vital; once the story is properly assembled, the ways in which it can be told will become evident.

So, what lengths would you go through to create a refreshing take on YOUR story?

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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