From the result of the survey below, we see Apple as the most influential brand at this moment of time.

We decided to find out how the brand has the biggest impact on world consumers. Through research and observations, we gather that Apple is a top-of-mind brand because Apple clearly understands its consumers, and is right on track with what consumers demand. Many consumers felt that if they were to be called a brand, Apple would be one that they would want to be.

Apple’s influence on consumer electronics as well as other types of businesses is the most respected amongst other top brands. With influential services such as iTunes, online high-definition movie rentals and products such as the iPod and iPhone, Apple dominates its competitors and is considered by most voters as the brand they ‘cannot live without’. Wow. That’s saying a lot, isn’t it?

So how did Apple do it?

How do you feel when you walk into an Apple store?
Apple has the best retail environment, facing off against companies like IKEA and Starbucks. Apple does not only offer try-outs of products at the store, the brand provides lectures and talks to consumers. This is cited as a plus. Consumers also love the store’s minimalist but visually appealing interior design.

Innovative and enticing packaging
Apple’s product packaging won numerous packaging awards at recent ad award shows for its simplicity, attractiveness and reusability, combined with a showcase of the product itself.

Advertising and marketing
Apple is the most inspiring brand due to its skillful marketing, constant reinvention and ability to provide a ‘complete’ communications platform. Apple is also adept at viral advertising and improving its environmental efforts.

So impactful, it’s life changing
Apple’s impact on the computer industry and lifestyle continuously gain momentum ever since its very first desktops were introduced more than three decades ago. In fact, most consumers felt that if Apple existed 100 years ago, the course of history would have been forever altered for the better. Cool.

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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