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Light versus darkness. Truth versus deceit. Good versus evil. Enlightenment versus ignorance.

Some battles are worth fighting for, no matter how hard it may be. As long as we believe in the cause we stand for, we have the highest chance of making an impact.

This Deepavali, we embody the spirit of heroes who have invariably stood up against the forces of evil; heroes who have changed thousands of lives and inspired even more for the rest of their lives.

Heroes who have altered the course of space and time on the ground they stood just because they stood firm when the rolling waves of evil, hatred and exclusivity bashed upon their ideologies.

These heroes have showcased three virtues that evidently prevailed in their lifelong battles:


The willingness to take bold risks is a virtue that lives in every hero. Only sheer determination and valour can pull you through the hard times of fighting darkness. This quality was strongly displayed by the late Nelson Mandela, who spent most of his life to fight for the freedom of his land and people.


Mahatma Gandhi’s love for truth and wisdom sparked the most influential civil rights movement in modern history. The simple reason behind his success is because he loved what he fought for, and his compassion paved the way for him. The only way to conquer hearts and fight hate is through love.


“Knowing is half the battle.” The quest for knowledge is a fight everyone should fight for. Malala Yousafzai stood for this cause, ready to sacrifice herself for the educational rights of her people. The forces of evil who longed to bring her down may have attacked her in the physical realm, but she knew that wisdom and knowledge were far more powerful weapons.

Let us embrace the light of good to overcome any darkness in our lives. If each of us could emit the three virtues that these heroes have displayed, we will shine in unison, changing the world with the light we shed upon darkness.

Wishing You An Enlightened Deepavali.

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