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The nation is in disarray! With a looming international debt crisis coupled with the onset of the Goods and Services Tax this April 1st (I’m still hoping it’s an April fool’s prank), the citizens of Malaysia are all panicking about money.

The GST is serious business, providing a uniform taxing system for all industries thus lowering business cost and increasing Malaysia’s global competitiveness as no GST will be levied on items leaving our ports.

But there is never any fun in all this serious talk? In good Malaysian fashion, everyone’s been taking a stab at the idea of GST. From talks about it being the ultimate racket for ganGSTers to outright protests from activitists.

Here at The Bullet – we want to see how the GST will change the way brands sell their goods. This is our vision of Malaysian advertising post  GST:

1. Remember this awesomely awkward ad we highlighted a few years ago? Well, I guess their message will change a little now that GST will be imposed.

2. GST won’t be imposed on most herbs and vegetables. This means our believed BOH Tea will get a kick from this current ruling.

3. It seems that animal farms will also enjoy GST-free operations, as no taxes will be imposed on beef, mutton, pork, crustaceans or poultry. It must be a good day for Malaysian butchers!

Jokes aside, we do hope the GST benefits the nation in the long run. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing unless we remain steadfast in its implementation and analyse the stats in a few year’s time.  But till then, we’ll continue our Gun Slingin’ Talks here at The Bullet.

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