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This Sunday the 16th of September, we celebrate the most quintessentially Malaysian holiday- Malaysia Day. It’s the day that East and West Malaysia became one country, united to become the Malaysia we know today and love.


It is our nation’s birthday.


And no other day is as appropriate as Malaysia Day to celebrate our Malaysianness. And no other day is better to share with our fellow Malaysians. To revel in all that we have achieved together, and to celebrate what it means to live in our wonderful country.


That’s why we’re so proud to invite you to #REMPAH, Malaysia’s largest pot-luck organized by our very own One Nation Fits All.


One Nation Fits All is a platform that extends a hand to Malaysians who want to make a difference. It is ONFA’s goal to bring together budding entrepreneurs, artists, talents with investors and advocates, to create new opportunities for greatness and impacting lives.


REMPAH 2018 is ONFA’s inaugural signature event designed to showcase the best Malaysia has to offer, celebrating our unity and harmony through what we love best : Food, Music, Arts and Craft.


The premise of REMPAH is simple – The people of Malaysia are as diverse, as wonderfully different and unique as our vast variety of rempah-ratus. Just as no Malaysian meal is complete without a mix of these rempah, and every spice brings its own unique taste, blending seamlessly to create pure deliciousness, each and every one of us contribute our own unique flavour this beautiful recipe that is Malaysia.


We’re simply taking all the best of Malaysia’s diverse artistry from across all fields, and assembling them in one place for you to savour and celebrate. There will be performances. There will be food. There will be plenty of things to do and play with. It’s Malaysia’s largest pot-luck party, and you’re invited to come, enjoy yourself and be a part of Malaysia’s Best Mix!


Participation is free. And it’s all happening from 9.16 am to 9.16 pm – 12 hours of non-stop fun at Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya.


Come celebrate Malaysia Day with us, it’s going to be a blast.


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