Happy New Year 2019! To kick you off on the right foot and help you really connect to your customers this year, here are 9 branding and marketing trends and strategies you might want to keep in mind when devising your plans.

Without further ado, in 2019 you should:

Think Instagram

Visual marketing will always be more appealing and Instagram is seeing massive growth each year. In 2018, they reached one billion monthly active users! And this number is only expected to grow. The Instagram community is also highly engaged, and a leading platform for brand-influencer collaborations. So if you’re not investing in visually rich content yet, 2019 may be a good time to start.

Understand What People Care About

This is something we’ve talked about again and again. People will invest in brands whose values align with theirs. People want to feel good about the brands they spend money on. So when crafting your messages, think body positivity. Think inclusivity and diversity. Be kind. Spread love.

Live it up

Authenticity was really important in 2018 and 2019 will only see this trend grow. One of the most underused, but most important forms of authentication is live video. Whether you opt to stream on Facebook or Instagram, people will be interested to see your brand in live video action. You could even reach out to talk to them. Live video offers you a infinite possibilities to give your consumers a real window into the world of your brand.

Getting fit at home

This one is for the fitness brands. But for the busy on-the-go people of 2019, fitness from home is rising in popularity and are on the look out for brands that offer quality online classes – live or recorded.

The “Experience” is more important than ever before

While it remains true that brick and mortar outlets continue to struggle, brands can still make meaningful connections in the real life. People still want to see, touch, feel, smell physical products. They still crave novel experiences and a good brand experience leads to an 85% intention to purchase with a 4:1 ROI. So this 2019, really put some thought (and money) into wooing your consumers with interesting, unique experiences.

Get smart with data

Targeted advertising is key to reaching the audience that is right for your brand. Most social media platforms offer some level of audience filtering when you opt to pay for advertising, and customers have come to expect brands to tailor special offers and discounts based on their needs and wants. So use the data you have on hand to create personalized advertising that will genuinely interest your customers.

Consider voice search

Have you used voice search recently? It’s convenient not to have to type and voice-tech opens doors for audiences like the visually impaired and the elderly (a significant segment of the population who both have spending potential and free time). It’s predicted that by 2020, every major brand will have a voice strategy built into their marketing plans so now may be a good time to get started.

Influencers continue to influence

Influencer marketing is not going away anytime soon, in fact, their numbers are increasing. For brands, this means that there are more people on social media creating unique branded content. This means that there is more noise to sift through and brands will have to work harder to find the most on-brand influencers who bring their own authentic flavor to the brand. It also means more opportunity to put truly human faces to your brand.

Build your own narrative

Ask yourself- what do you truly stand for? Is your brand narrative compelling? Does it lead your audiences to an action? Is it inspiring? Are you trying to change the world in a positive way? Does your brand stand out amidst the messiness of millions of other brands, doing millions of other things? Tough questions, but to survive in 2019, this is exactly what you need to do.

At Ganforhire, we’re always on hand to help you find your truth. To tell your story, to help you transform your business.

Once again, happy new year. 

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