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Ever questioned why people would line up for the sake of being in a line or why dessert had to be eaten after dinner, only to be told, “because that’s the way the world works”. Do you remember how that answer was never enough and you would tell yourself there was always another way?

Well, so did these people.

With great inquisitions come even greater solutions, as these radical inventors from around the globe have graced us with their revolutionary products – changing our primitive ways forever.

Here are 7 mind-blowing products that exist today, which will probably change the way you will be living in 2014:

1. The Invisible Bicycle Helmet

Setting out to achieve the impossible, this industrial design duo not only overcame the discomfort of wearing the dreaded turtle shell inspired headgear that we have all gotten so used to, but have also cured us all from the awful affliction known as ‘helmet hair’.

2. The Copenhagen Wheel

While we’re on the subject of bikes, this year was the release of the first ever hybrid bicycle. The Copenhagen wheel not only stores kinetic energy and converts it into an easier ride, but it learns your cycling patterns, integrates with the way you ride and knows exactly when you need a boost.

3. Amazon Prime Air

Remember in the 80s, when the concept of a ‘30 minutes or less pizza delivery service’ was novel? Oh, what crude and barbaric times we used to live in! Amazon are now developing their delivery system (using air drones) to send your online orders straight to your doorstep in just 30 minutes through flight! I can’t wait for that mahogany coffee table to arrive.

4. Microfluidics

Is this new age of constant swiping, double tapping and expanding getting you down? Well I’m glad someone has heard our cries and is finally bringing back the button, because I am so done with touchscreen technology! This amazing invention called Microfluidics will be featured in the new, upcoming Samsung’s in 2014. Be ready to relive those nostalgic memories of texting with buttons once more.

5. Sign Language Ring

This level of ingenuity and creativity will leave you speechless. These rings detect the motion and gestures of a person communicating in sign language and convert that information into voice that is then emitted from the bracelet worn by the user. Making what was once thought impossible, simple and seamless.

6. Coravin – Wine Extraction Technology

Now you can have your cake and eat it too. Or should I say sweet, delicious, expensive liquid cake? This device uses a thin needle and pressured gas to extract your precious Pinot Grigio straight from the bottle. By never taking the cork out, your wine will never be exposed to the harsh surroundings, forever being preserved in the bottle.

7. Shreddies – Anti Fart Underwear

This is no joke. Considered to be the next generation of underpants, the materials used as fabric actually filters flatulence and other odours, leaving you stink free. Now you can finally order that double portion of eggs, beans and onions on your date and not suffer the repercussions.

From kickstarter concepts to brands that break our perception of the norm, this goes to show you that a good idea can come from anywhere, in whatever shape or form. It is a lesson in not believing in the boundaries, limitations or social standards that are have been set by the past, as people’s lives and experiences can always be enriched further.

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