Apologies for the click-bait headline. We don’t usually do it, but circumstances demanded us to do so. The opportunity was just hard to resist. I know, shame on us… boo hoo. But hey, we did it because we felt the topic we’re discussing fully deserves such a headline. Because the twists that comes with these brand names will just make you go WOW! Or close your computer. Whichever floats your boat.

1. Full A Mark


Initiated by Media Prima, Full A Mark is an interactive learning portal that eases student’s process of learning at home.

Read it fast enough and it’ll make you go FULAMAK! (An expression Malaysians use to express fascination – similar to WOW)

Want to get an A in your exams? These guys will help you achieve it, making you feel so amazed by your own potential, you’ll just shout FULAMAK!

2. Weil Hotel


Very classy hotel. Nice architecture, comfortable interior. The name adds an extra layer of class to it. Makes it sound like a grandeur that flew in from Germany, France or some other place in Europe.

Actually, it’s the name of the owner… spelled backwards. Job well done Mr Liew. Weil is truly “a bespoke hotel.”

3. Terfaktab


I know what you’re reading. That’s the first thing that came to our minds as well.  But what they actually mean (so they say) is TERas, FAKulti dan TABloid (Core, group discussion, and compact). Don’t worry team Terfaktab, we get what you mean.


If you’re looking for Malay book titles that will fulfil your guilty pleasure; ranging from Nakal Tapi Halal (Naughty But Legal), and Semusim Di Syurga (A Season In Heaven), to Kamar Sutera (Silk Room), Terfaktab is the bookstore for you.

The titles of the books alone was enough to make us laugh. We can only imagine the content that comes in it! Nevertheless, this funky bookstore with an even funkier name is your home for quirky, witty materials.

4. Effingham


Just not the right time to use such a name, MAYBE? Especially with the rapid rise of millennial lingo. Now it sounds like someone cursing a ham. We pity the ham.

But it’s actually named after a plantation that is now Bandar Utama and Mutiara Damansara. The Effingham Estate it was called. Don’t believe us? Well, there’s an SRJK Tamil Effingham school located in BU11 that’s been around for quite some time.

5. Bijan Bar & Restaurant


There’s nothing wrong really with this unique restaurant that sells Malay cuisine in an elegant setting. Until of course, somebody decides to spell it backwards, then you’re in for a treat. We dare not spell it out. So, as the current Malay lingo goes, yang tau tau (if you know, you know).

But don’t worry Bijan. We know what you truly mean: sesame seeds.

6. Thai U Up


How do you make a Thai restaurant stand out from the crowd? Give it a hook that will tie the eyes of the passer-by to your brand name.

Go there once, and you’ll probably be tied up for many more to come, as they Thai you up with the cuisines of chefs from Thailand.

There are many ways to come up with a brand name. Marketing MO listed down 5 essential options that you have at your disposal:

•    Use the founder or inventor’s name
•    Describe what you do
•    Describe an experience or image
•    Take a word out of context
•    Make up a word

These brands have definitely fulfilled at least one of these aspects. And the added twist just spices things up for them. It even rolls off the tongue nicely (or maybe not). But it definitely has the wow factor.

How would you give your brand a twist?
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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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