Denmark Eurovison Song Contest

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Quick! How many ads have you seen, heard and/or experience today? Out of that staggering number, how many do you remember? And most importantly, why do you remember them?

Studies have shown that we’re likely to see an estimate of 3,500 marketing messages in a day, 99% of which will make no impact on us at all, being disregarded as just another blur in the sea of oversaturated visuals and copy.

So how do you stand out from a crowd that gets no attention?

Well, there is never a set equation to success, but if I learnt anything from that bearded lady who won the Eurovision song contest; is that people remember ‘different’!

Difference can come in all shapes and sizes so that’s why this edition of The Bullet, we’re doing away with newspaper print ads, billboards and whatever else you’ve already forgotten today, to bring you something that will hopefully spark some excitement and inspire new ideas.


1. Get interactive

Let’s start simple. Why do we advertise on mediums that people only experience once or maybe twice in a day? Let’s start moving onto more commonly used and responsive channels to really drive home our message.


2. Be an immediate answer to their problem

Allow your message to creep up on them only when a certain need arises (like in this example, a drop in temperature). By doing so, you present them with an answer they just can’t deny.


3. Be a means to an end

This one is a double whammy. You have your audience caught in a tight spot for a long period of time (unlike simple lift adverts, yuck) who are also experiencing levels of discomfort. Why not be the light at the end of a very painful tunnel, keeping them fixated on you and you alone?


4. Utilise the simplicity of others

Traffic lights; we’re all familiar with the uncomplicated nature of this one device to organise and keep us away from chaos on the road. Let’s use that inherent simplicity in parallel with the simplicity of our product to solidify our point.


5. Make them self reflect

Instead of working in parallel, this example draws contrast to the act (or lack) of lifting, making your audience question their level of physique and athleticism as they stare at your message in a crowded LRT station, being dressed exactly like your ad.


6. Catch them when they least expect it

Present your message where you’re certain nobody else would even dream of advertising and strike when the time is right. It’s not a matter of time, but more a matter of timing.

It’s no stretch to say we’ve adopted this ‘I’ve seen it all’ attitude, making us all so jaded, we need a million dollar prank or a flash mob for us to even take notice.

So break away from what is expected and understand that everything is an opportunity. By revolutionising your channel of communication, you will no doubt create a hard-hitting message that they just can’t ignore.

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