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5 Ways Brands Are Making Hari Raya More Raya-Er.


It’s the second week of Ramadhan and Raya is just around the corner. For Muslims around the world, it’s the holiest month of the year. A time for fasting and reflecting on the Almighty’s providence, where sins are forgiven and relationships are reconciled.

How can brands make the most of Raya? Here are a few campaigns that caught our eye.

1.    Samsung

Samsung Ramadhan: Siberturahim

What Is It About:
A portmanteau of ‘cyber’ and ‘silaturahim’ (relationship or friendship in Malay), Siberturahim is based on the concept of forgiveness despite and in spite of circumstances.

Our 2 Sen:
The entire ad takes place on WhatsApp. We become part of a conversation among family members. They make small talk, ask questions, surprise each other, and even argue with one another. Along exits the group at some point until Papa adds him back. Very relatable.

2.    Digi


Lebih Internet, Lebih Erat

What Is It About:
A limited edition Internet plan with unlimited music streaming, so customers can stay in touch with loved ones, and enjoy music anywhere, all at a low price. There’s also a video mini-series, featuring Akim and Stacy celebrating their first Ramadhan as a married couple.

Our 2 Sen:
The best way to build relationships is to put down your phone and actually talk to people. But if one of you is um, geographically unavailable, the best way, according to Digi, is to pick up the phone. Just don’t do it during solat.

3.    McDonald’s

Indahnya cinta kerana kasih sayang. Indahnya kehidupan kerana silaturrahim.

Indahnya Ramadan

What Is It About:
A special Ramadan menu – choice of grilled beef or chicken foldover – and the enjoyment of breaking fast with loved ones. Plus videos about the beauty of Ramadan, especially when there’s love and friendship.

Our 2 Sen:
Mmm, sounds delicious. It even makes us non-Muslims want to puasa just so we can berbuka at McDonald’s.

4.    IKEA

Make Room For Everyone This Raya

What Is It About:
Shot from the top, the video is all about IKEA products – dining table, chairs and tableware. It shows how a simple extendable table can cater to crowds big and small. Even the plates come in matching colours, just like your baju raya.

Our 2 Sen:
Good news: You don’t need to buy a new table when a lot of guests suddenly turn up.
Bad news: You may need to renovate your house to accommodate an extendable table.

5.    Faber Castell

Decorate Your House With Tack-It

What Is It About:
An informative video on how you can fully utilise Tack-It, a multipurpose removable and reusable adhesive, during Hari Raya or any other festive events.

Our 2 cents:
Lost your selfie stick? Selfie stick not long enough? All you need is a superhero adhesive. Tack-It keeps the household intact.

You’ve just watched 5 great videos. But here’s the thing, great videos don’t change the rules. A great video isn’t enough. You still need permission (for people to give you 30 seconds of their life), still need to stand out, still need to create something that matters.

What your video represents is the chance – if you (as marketers) invest in it – to tell your story in a way that people remember.

Selamat Berpuasa & Selamat Hari Raya!

How can your brand bring Malaysians together this Hari Raya?
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