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Both brands and consumers have something to benefit from knowing what Malaysians think about these car brands and their stereotypical drivers. We believe you are what you drive, so here are 5 commonly seen Malaysian cars and what their usual drivers are like. Let’s jump straight to number 1


We’re sure there’s a positive correlation between the size of your car and sense of entitlement. Being the transport vehicle of choice for VIP’s, superstars and rich folk, Vellfires/Alphards aren’t usually driven by their owners but their chauffeurs. The big, cosy, luxurious interior must blanket these rich folk from the existence of other common drivers because VellPhard chauffeurs drive like their time and space is more important than anyone else’s.

“Vellfire drivers always act like they have the right of way when cutting or making a turn. Self-important d*****bags.” – Cranston Wong, 32


Apparently self-important, Alphard drivers exist in HK too.

There’s also a high chance you’ve been victim to them stopping anywhere in commercial areas for pick up/drop off, stalling an entire row of cars – obviously this is because their passenger is more important than common courtesy.

“Super inconsiderate when parking and making a drop off. They just simply park anywhere la. Stall anywhere la. Block the entire row of cars with their big a** car.” – Anonymous, 35.

2. Perodua, MYVI

Affordable, easy-maintenance, good miles per litre, the MYVI is the people’s car. Just ask 9/10 people you know if they own one or know someone who does.

Myvi’s are mostly driven by college students and young adults as the economical car gets them places to spend 12 Ringgit ice black coffees.

“What’s there to say about Myvi? Decent starting car la. Easy to maintain because there’s spare parts everywhere.” – Jolene, 26

“Number one car you see everywhere in Malaysia. Also number one in car accident.” –  Afiq, 26.

3. BMW 3 Series

BMW is a solid automobile brand – it’s the younger Malaysian drivers that give the cars a bad rep. The 3 series, in particular, are infamously known to be driven by cocky, young Chinese boys as they are one of the more affordable BMW models. Unsurprisingly, insurance companies try not to insure these particular demographic due to their brash road behaviour.

“Mostly young drivers from 18-30 buy the 3 series because they’re the cheapest among all BMW’s. And insurance companies usually try to avoid insuring the 3 series because of that – high accident and total rates.” – Bryan Lim, 23.

It’s all about how consumers feel when they purchase a brand – a lifestyle.

“What happens when you have middle-class, wannabe gangsters and racers wanting to appear rich and classy? BMW boys. It’s a shame money can’t buy you class, so you go for the second best thing – an affordable sports car. After all, everyone’s got a statement to make, right?” – Adrian, 24.


Let’s be honest – when’s the last time anyone saw a pickup truck in a car accident, hogging the right lane at 40 mph, or stalling an entire row of cars just to unload gear?

We speculate this is because purchasing a Triton/Hilux/Ranger is a dedicated, purposeful decision. The pickup truck, by design, attracts the practical, functional man.

“You don’t get young kids wanting to get a pickup truck to impress. Business men and women don’t get a pickup truck for work. This leaves capable drivers who know what they want – the pickup.” – James, 36

Some drivers believe the function is the form.

“Some people like luxurious cars. Some like sporty cars. It’s all about what you value. A person’s value is not on how he appears but what he is capable of doing. That’s why I got a Ford Ranger.”- Jim, 31

5. Toyota Avanza

Malaysians instantly think of the Avanza when you mention a family car. On the road, Avanza drivers are not known to be reckless, impatient drivers as they are mostly driven by family men and mothers.

You can’t spell generic family car without A.V.A.N.Z.A.

“When you say Avanza I’m thinking big Malay family that goes to Ikea for meatballs or western chicken buffets on the weekends.” – Nadira, 27.

Sometimes the stereotypes go too far.

“Driven by Chinese aunties in their glasses, visor, and hand sleeves who go morning market and then fetch their kids after school.” – Joyee, 24


It’s interesting to see how different popular car brands in Malaysia attract specific consumers; some even end up appealing more to a specific demographic than expected (such as with the BMW 3 series). With this in mind, we think a lot of these car brands could benefit from leveraging on public sentiment by crafting localized content centred on stereotypical drivers.

We’d surely be amused to see a Perodua car ad take a nod at a typical Myvi driver in the cinema!


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