While everyone has individual experiences throughout their lives that contribute to their unique sense of self, there are just some things that, by virtue of their values or ability to create a connection or a feeling, manage to unite us all.

Malaysia Day on the 16th of September, for instance celebrates the unification of Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak under one flag.  While we all certainly have our differences, Malaysia Day reminds us how far we have all come together.

It’s also a public holiday, and absolutely no one dislikes a public holiday.

So to celebrate Malaysia Day, we’re taking a look at some brands that have helped create shared experiences unique to Malaysians that makes us… well Malaysian.




More than 10 million of us are on Facebook and most of us probably while away most of the day on this social network giant. That’s because Malaysians are a curious bunch who simply love to share. And Facebook enables the sharing of information instantly. If you have a pressing need to know what your friends are up to, what they look like while getting up to what they are up to, what they are wearing, reading, watching or eating, Facebook is the place to find out.

Whether we’re in the hills of Sabah or the concrete jungle of KL, we’re pretty sure most of us are on Facebook.



Literally bringing Malaysians together, sometimes for only RM1 (terms and conditions apply), AirAsia lives up to its tagline “Everyone can fly.” Whether you love lazy beach holidays with friends, hop around major cities for work or travel once a year with the family, Air Asia has made travelling easier on the pocket than ever before. And if one thing can make the stingy Malaysian smile, it’s definitely a Ringgit saved.

This budget airline is frequently touted as the world’s best, and is one brand that every Malaysian is proud to claim as Made in Malaysia.

Olympic Team Malaysia


This year saw Malaysians of all walks of life coming together to celebrate the blood, sweat and tears of the Malaysian Olympic and Paralympic contingent. We stayed up late to catch the events. We gasped and winced in frustration, screamed and jumped with joy, wept tears of pride and heartbreak. We sang the Negaraku proudly, standing up in our living rooms. We gifted cars, apartments, bouquets and so much love. Few Malaysians were spared from the onslaught of patriotism inspired by our Olympic Team.

And it was a brilliant thing to see.



Quick to cook, dependably delicious and super versatile Maggi is definitely a brand (or noodle) that brings Malaysians together. Sometimes literally, at the warung, where you’re kind of hungry but not really, so you share a Maggi goreng with telur mata with your friend. This is also one of the must-pack items for students heading overseas. No jacket never mind, as long as you can fit a pack of Maggi Chicken or Curry.

A heritage Nestle brand, it’s been around since 1969, 6 years after Malaysia came into being.



Ask any Malaysian, anywhere; it is an undisputed fact that Malaysian MILO is the best. Quibble all you like about the best way to have it – hot, cold, with coffee, in heaping spoonfuls, topped with whipped cream, ice cream and chocolate sprinkles, from the van, made by your Mom or the mamak man, but the one uniting factor is that Malaysian MILO has a taste unique to itself and it. Is. The. Best.

Introduced in Malaysia in 1950 by Nestle (that’s before Merdeka!) it is another heritage brand that has brought generations of Malaysians together.

How can your brand bring people together?
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