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Our present lives at the moment have become so streamlined, it’s borderline ridiculous on how efficiently we live. From food delivery to our doorsteps, Amazon drone dispatch to our love lives; we have systematically overcome downtime and flung ourselves straight into the future.

In regards to app-based love, nothing displays speed and proficiency like Tinder does. If you are unfamiliar with Tinder, it’s a dating application that uses your smartphones GPS coordinates to find other keen Tinder singles in a 150km radius.

Unlike its OkCupid and Match.com counterparts, Tinder doesn’t use crazy and complicated algorithms to match you with people with similar tastes, life choices and Disney films. In contrary, it’s essentially a digital hot-or-not app that allows two people who find each other mutually attractive to start talking to one another.

And it’s brilliant.

Having been awarded the “Best New Startup of 2013” plus 10 million active users daily, Tinder is here to stay. But because of its simplicity and the speed at which users interact with its interface, it’s easy to be lost in the ether.

So part Tinder advice and part branding, here are 4 ways you (as a brand and a single ready to mingle) can stand out to make a lasting impression on your audience:

1. First Point of Contact

As clichés go, first impressions are everything and for the Adderall fuelled keyboard warriors on Tinder, this is no exception. What your audience initially sees, reads and experience is vital. No matter if it’s a picture, logo, outfit or tagline, this alone could be the make or break point for them, so make it count.

2. The Story You Tell

Are you going to be mysterious and stick to just the one good picture? Are you going to post holiday photos to show how well travelled you are? Or are you going to sling a guitar over your shoulder to say musician without having to put it in your ‘About Me’? People want a story, and depending on the progression of your pictures to the way you present it, this can ultimately change the entire narrative.

3. Describing Yourself

Nobody wants to hear you whinge about ‘not judging a book by its cover’ or how you’re only here because you’re ‘checking it out’ or ‘a friend told you to’. We’re all here for the same reason! So be funny, confident and engaging, but also remember to be simple and direct. Less is more!

4. The Conversation

Congratulations! You’re a match! Now what? What do you say? Well, anything except “Hi. How are you?” You’ve got this far, so be imaginative! Maybe open with a joke? Whatever you choose, setting the tone and keeping them engaged and making them want to continue the conversation is how you can bring it home (figuratively and hopefully literally)!

Whether you want to be portrayed as funny, weird, sexy or adventurous, you must always be memorable. If we have learnt anything from Tinder, it’s that people can make judgements about you or your brand in an extremely short amount of time and worryingly dismiss you even faster.

So don’t get lost in the sea of beach holiday photos and bedroom selfies. By capturing the attention of your audience and telling your story the best way you can, you’ll be sure the rest of us will be swiping right!

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