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If you have left the comfort of your own home in the past week or so, you may have experienced the terrible jams, cattle-like crowding of consumers and just the overwhelming sense of frustration to get anything done, or as I’d like to call it – the Christmas Crunch.

It is that time of year where we scramble for the standard Christmas items like whacky and ironic notebooks from trendy stationary stores as last minute gifts or high sugar content confectionery from the Marks & Spencer’s dessert aisle, just to create another hallmark inspired holiday.

We here at The Bullet would like to propose an alternative – a more traditional and nostalgic Malaysian Christmas, if you will. You won’t be caught fighting in a tug of war over any of these items nor will they be anywhere near short of supply. And best yet, this will probably be the most memorable (and affordable) Christmas you’ll ever have:


Ayamas Chicken
Do you know why people only eat turkey on Christmas? Because we all hate it, but continue to do so for the sake of the tradition. It’s a dry, flavourless excuse of a holiday feast and a poor poultry substitute. Do you know what people love and eat all year round? You guessed it! Ayamas chicken products – delicious, affordable and loved by all!


Milo Hot Chocolate
Getting thirsty by the fireplace? Forget Swiss Miss or moulted Godiva chocolates, because you’re favourite hot chocolate (sports?) drink is here to save the day! With every sip taking you back further into your childhood, let the fuzzy feeling of sentimentality keep you warm this Christmas.



Kiki Lala Stockings
Sure, they may not have the red and white velvet feel you would find on regular Christmas stockings but what they do have is length, durability and a whole range of colours! Especially since you’ve been so good this year, you’re going to need some heavy resistant undergarments to carry Saint Nick’s oncoming load.




Kompang Christmas
Christmas carolling with your younger cousins on the recorder and sleigh bells again? How monotonous. Let’s spice those tunes up with a more local flavour by adding some Kompang carols! Just imagine the 12 days of Christmas with some thumping beats. Your neighbours will thank you later.





With these ridiculous suggestions aside, the point we’re trying to make is that Christmas should not be about the big brands that cake your home but the company you keep. Christmas is about surrounding yourself with the ones you love and revelling in the time that you spend together. If done right, you will always have a very merry Christmas, even with or without these absurd holiday alternatives.

Merry Christmas everybody.

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