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Merry Christmas!

“Music is the universal language of humankind.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the 19th century’s most popular poet It speaks in melodies and harmonies, in notes and pregnant pauses, in complex repertoires and minimalist arrangements. And just as every song has a message, and every message has a song, every brand, too, has something important to […]


A Christmas Spectacular!

“At Christmas play and make good cheer,For Christmas comes but once a year!”– Thomas Tusser At ganforhire, we absolutely love Christmas! It’s an office tradition that with each Christmas, comes a different theme that makes both the spirit of Christmas and the joy of celebration come together as a whole. For this year’s joint celebration […]


The Digital Death

The Digital Death

  For many, it’s hard to imagine living a day without Facebook or Twitter. No more Twitter or Facebook updates, no more catching up with friends, no more news or interesting stories on who did what and where – a digital death. Ironically, it was with this very concept that BuyLife managed to raise funds […]


Advertising Is Now Meeting Its Inevitable End

It is indeed true that consumers nowadays cannot be fooled. They are smarter than ever, and are in power of their own decisions. Thanks to the Internet, they are exposed to a world of truths. They no longer buy gimmicks, pretty ads or spunky taglines. They can now choose what they want to see, and […]


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