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The Battle of the Fizz

The long undisputed battle between Pepsi and Coca Cola has been going on even longer than time itself. As two of the world’s leading cola producers, consumers have always been caught in a conundrum to pick either sides (we’re all somewhat like Luke Skywalker who has to pick either the light or dark side of […]


"Does God Exist?"

“I’ll prove to you if God exist, then he is evil.” “If God created everything, then he created the evil.” Not exactly something you’d think would run for the Republic of Macedonia’s Ministry of Education and Science eh? This commercial tackled a very popular topic. Religion vs facts. Coming from a textbook-based country, this commercial […]


Farmville- Money Does Grow On Trees

Facebook, as we know it, has taken over the cyberworld as the leading social media networking site with over 500 million active users till this day. From grandparents to toddlers, and even on occasion, a person’s pet (I kid you not), Facebook users come from all walks of life. And it’s fair to say that […]


Want a Giga Pudding?

Sometimes, Japan the world gives you the silliest commercials, ever. Here’s one about a pudding that is made in a bucket. How hard-sell! Basically, Giga Pudding is an instant pudding set with a bucket, sauces, and mix selling for 3675 Yen. It is actually that big – equivalent to 20 normal puddings! I have to […]


Baby Bum Toaster

So, the latest controversy to hit the advertising scene? Aplika’s anti-rash cream, otherwise known as “that Baby Bum Toaster ad.” The message “when baby skin is burning” is cheekily conveyed through the visual, and quite a number of people DO get the joke. So what’s the big deal? That it’s so wrong to wedge a […]


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