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Paranormal Activity – A Case Study

I’m a big fan of B-grade slasher flicks and bred on gross-out horror movies – Dead/Alive, The Hills Have Eyes… Up until I saw Paranormal Activity to be convinced that one doesn’t need gore effects to be scared witless. Paranormal Activity downplays shock and emphasizes suspense. For instance, a shadow creeping across a wall or […]


The Definitive Guide to Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

I make New Year’s resolutions every year. One or two of them is the same old resolutions I make many years ago, brought forward. But New Year’s resolutions are almost impossible to keep, right? I make resolutions before the countdown. My enthusiasm and hope often fades within weeks, and my efforts at self improvement will […]


Life Lessons from an Ad Man

This was just an inspirational talk that discusses issues from a unique point of view. The story about improving the train journey between London and Paris was particularly insightful, in my opinion. Throughout our lives, we need to focus more on quality over speed or convenience. When there’s life lessons to learn, I say you’ll […]


Roll the Dice

I am grateful that my friend shared this powerful poem with us today. Reminds me of what my trainer, Janet Lee, said to me, “We need to experience Hell in order for us to be able to appreciate Heaven”. I hope this beautiful poem will inspire you to go the distance! If you’re going to […]


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