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Yasmin Ahmad (July 1, 1958 – July 24, 2009)

It all happened too soon. It was only a couple of days ago, when she collapsed from a stroke that I was scowling at my friends for spreading false news that she was dead. Now, she’s really gone. She was an extraordinary person whose movies have touched me in a way unimaginable. She was a […]



My boyfriend will be talking about “FOREVERISM” on his solo presentation to the company this Friday. As I was helping him research the topic, I found it interesting and thought I should share it with you. Read all about it here.


Social Networking Wars

I’m a fan of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It enable me to keep in touch with my friends and families, as well as get to know people I would otherwise not meet in real life. Social networking is obviously hindering real-life socialisation, making people more detached from the real-life world. But do […]


Brand Whores

We all know that Gen Y is the most cynical generation on earth when it comes to marketing and advertising. We (I’m a Gen Y) hate being ‘sold’ to and expect so much more from a brand than just the product. Gen Y-ers have spawned an amusing trend where cool young people – we’ve dubbed […]


Why Brands Need To Engage In Social Conversation

You know, sometimes showing is better than saying. And I found the perfect video to show clients to demonstrate how a brand needs to be engaging in social conversations across a multitude of social media. This is an interesting video on why brands need to start engaging in social media conversations. Everyone knows they need […]


Solutions for your Brand

GanForHire brandsolutions is a branding and communications entity built on a set of beliefs that form the basis of accountable, logical. sustainable and process-driven branding. These beliefs are the driving force behind each and every branding activity, and form the basis of all our branding communications solutions. 1.     The marketplace isn’t changing; it has changed. […]


what i learned from B-grade alien movies…

I was listening to Take Me To Your Leader by Incubus and watching movie trailers of sci-fi thrillers last night and suddenly recalled those old alien invasion movies – you know, the ones where the aliens always said “TAKE.ME.TO.YOUR.LEADER” in their indecipherable alien language when they contacted earth. They didn’t want to waste their time […]


A Few Good (Creative) Men

Yup. That’s exactly how it is.


Mass Brand Extinction

By Neale Martin, Ph.D (MARKETING magazine June issue) Just like consumers, executives are giving serious thought to how they are spending money in today’s bleak economy. Capital expenditures are down significantly from last year and many companies announced layoffs and hiring freezes. Marketing and advertising budgets are also taking a large hit. While it is […]


Philips VS Anything

from Philips have just launched a very cool new social media campaign on Twitter called Philips Vs Anything. It’s a competition where anyone on twitter can submit crazy new product testing ideas to Philips, with the best ones to be created by their Agency, Tribal DDB, and everyone going in the draw to win […]


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