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I Am Woman, Watch Me Shop

Source: MARKETING Magazine Malaysia I read this article in the MARKETING magazine, the other day, about women consumers. The writer managed to dig some pretty good insights on the female purchasing power, which I’d like to share with you. The role women play in the world’s economy has become increasingly important in the past decade […]


Brand Insights

Pretenders of brand awards confusing the consumers By DATUK VINCENT LEE WE live in a world of over-gratification. People who fail to rise to the top of their field are given consolation prizes. All because we do not want under-achievers to feel left out. Many psychologists have discussed the societal impact of this on Generation […]


What is your brand?

What does your brand stand for? What is your brand all about? What is your brand?Ok. Fine. You say your brand stands for that. Why should I believe you? Apple, the world’s fastest growing brand, stands for Innovation therefore everyone thinks Apple’s ‘cool’. Therefore Apple=Cool. People can’t articulate innovation but they can say cool when […]


Apple: The most successful world brand

From the result of the survey below, we see Apple as the most influential brand at this moment of time. We decided to find out how the brand has the biggest impact on world consumers. Through research and observations, we gather that Apple is a top-of-mind brand because Apple clearly understands its consumers, and is […]


The influence of brands

A survey recently done by Brandchannel took an unconventional look at trends and issues forefront in the minds of branding professionals and industry enthusiasts.Not only did the survey measure a brand’s impact, but also the brand’s influence on consumer perception and behavior. Here’s the result:(some brands came in tied) 1. What brand would you most […]


The Days Are Just Packed…

… with creative potential, that is. And when I say days, I literally mean the days of the week. If creativity is about changing the status quo and giving things a fresh twist, then by Jove (ok, that’s an absolutely anti-deluvian expression, but that’s just my point!) we have the right to breathe new, modern […]


Mad Ad – 2004

The ad below is one out of a series of three that we created for the Malaysian Advertising Directory back in 2004. We believe that ads are only as interesting as the people who create them, and this ad certainly did capture one of the unique personalities found at Ganforhire.


The 8 common client characters

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