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Have you ever heard of the elevator pitch?

The term comes from a hypothetical scenario of accidentally meeting someone extremely important in an elevator. By being trapped in this box together only momentarily, how would you pitch an idea to them in an interesting yet brief manner – adding value to what you say, hoping for that momentous business card switch when the doors open again?

It’s the idea that it should be possible to deliver a summary, story or description in a time span of an elevator ride, no matter if you’re describing a person, profession, product, service, organisation or event.

This thirty second to 2 minute rule has been widely used all over the globe by project managers, salesperson and even evangelist, but recently have been debunked by a new practice in town.

Say hello to Vine!

Vine is an app that allows users to record and edit six-second long looping videos that instantly get uploaded onto the Vine website and can be shared amongst the Vine community through social media.

We know what you’re thinking:

“Six seconds really?”
“Is that how short our attention spans have become?”
“Talk about ADHD!”

Our initial sentiments were the same but once you really start going through them, you’d understand that Vine’s are less about digital narcissism (looking at you Instagram) and more about creating an art form. Have you ever tried telling a compelling/funny/engaging story in just six seconds?

Through the power of editing and innovative storytelling, Vine creates a platform for Vine-users to be challenged, pushing the boundaries of videography and viral content sharing.

Instead of describing it to you, let us show you what we mean. Here are some of our favourites (remember to unmute each video at a time):

1. Nerd Vandalism

2. Scaredy Cat

3) No Running At The Pool

4. Pull That Trigger

5. Inception Hotel

6. Gio Volpe Finding Berries

7. Best Sports Plays

8. Vending Man-chine

9. Breaking It Down

10. Ice Bucket Challenge Twist

11. Endless Greeting

12. Want To Build A Snowman?

Recently being acquired by Twitter for $30 million, this mesmerising application has taken the world by storm, even being listed among Time’s 50 Best Android Apps for 2013.

If we have learnt anything from Vine is that you don’t need an epic Lord-of-The-Rings-Esq saga to tell a good story. By grabbing the audience’s attention as well as keeping your message simple, short and sweet – you’ll have more eyes on you than even Tolkien could wish for.

What would you say about your brand if you only had 6 seconds?

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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

Don’t want to miss out on the weekly shots of branding? Subscribe to our e-newsletter.

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