Christmas time is near, and shoppers begin to amass in malls as the day gets closer. Seasonal branding can truly be a feat, having to find that intersection between your target audience and branding goals that coincide with both the brand and the season. To get you prepped up, here are 12 branding tips to help your brand dive into the Christmas spirit:


  1. This may go without saying, but always, always plan early. Almost 53% of companies began their holiday campaign planning in the third quarter of 2017. Planning ahead of time allows your brand the flexibility to tweak ads and make all the amendments in order for your brand to be represented accurately.


  1. Think beyond presents and gifts. The act of giving goes beyond a physical gift. A more sentimental touch that spotlights the core values of Christmas – Family Bonding, Celebrating Love, Being Grateful – would give your brand a warm and intimate voice.


  1. In lieu with the spirit of giving back, thanking your customers and showing them gratitude for their support throughout the year is a great branding angle. Presenting to your customers a sign of appreciation is a tiny but powerful strategy that will really push your brand image to the next level.


  1. Search browsers are usually flooded with Christmas-related queries around this time of the year. With that in mind, it is wise to include the use of seasonal keywords to reach a wider variety of leads. Christmas-oriented products need Christmas-related keywords for your website and products to rank better on search engines when consumers are looking for your product. As a brand, this exemplifies its ability to anticipate a consumer’s needs.


  1. Though it is important to set your brand up for the celebration, it is equally as important to celebrate along with your customers as well. One way to do this is by creating an experience on the webpage and social media accounts – hold a gift exchange event or maybe organize a workshop – this allows your brand to build a sense of community as well as a buildup for the festivity.


  1. It’s the little things that count – holiday packaging, Christmas-oriented EDM layouts, a logo tweak – these are the little efforts that will make a world of difference. One of the brands that do this really well is Starbucks. Their deep red cups are so iconic it almost serves as a signaling to the festive season. This allows your brand to exhibit an attention to detail and its commitment to its consumers.


  1. While Christmas is fun, loud and so many other things, it’s always good to remember that your brand’s campaigns and ads should not stray too far from its personality. When a consumer commits to your brand, they expect consistency and reliability; Therefore, it is always wise to stick to your brand’s original personality with just a sprinkle of the Christmas spirit.


  1. Keep your brand message easily identifiable and memorable. Recently, numerous F&B companies utilize graphic branding to drive consumer interaction; Visually simplistic, this keeps the message clear and concise.


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  1. Surely during the holiday season, the comments section of your social media platforms will be engulfed in comments and queries about your seasonal products or maybe even your branding approach; Use this opportunity to engage with your customers about all of this. By allowing your consumers to open up an active conversation, your brand can garner an even stronger sense of brand loyalty from the personal connection you build with your consumers.


  1. Find your brand’s seasonal appeal – think about how the Christmas season ties into the your brand’s mission and products. Finding that connection and creating guided content will help your consumers in their decision-making process for the inspirational purchase.


  1. Think about your brand’s values and see how they tie in with the holiday season – a brand’s shared values illustrates a higher purpose or philosophy. 64% of people mention that having shared values with a brand is the primary driver of the customer-brand relationship. By doing this, your brand will solidify its customer loyalty base.


  1. Most of all, remember to have fun. Christmas branding may be important, but so is family. Get together with family, sit around the dining table and reminisce all the great things we’ve accomplished and are grateful for this year. And remember, next year is another tale to tell.




How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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